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USBDM for FXTH87xx11 ( security functions & download image )

Question asked by Mars Huang on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by pgo

Dear All,


I have used FXTH87xx11 for couple month already.

The driver I used now is USBDM

I met a problem about setting of the security code @0xFFBF.


I can't update all the code by image file, because I need to keep the ID in the flash.

So, I choose FXTH87xx11 for device selection & Erase Selective for Erase option.


Put the code "const volatile char NOPT@0xFFBF = 0x00;" before Main().


When I try to update the code, there is a warning in the figure below.


I knew we set <memoryRange start="0x00C000" end="0xDFFF" /> for protect the default code.

I have no idea to change the value @0xFFBF.

Do any one know how to update it with security function?

For Example, update the address @0xFFBF only or put some commands in the code.


I also need to download the code from this chip, I can't get too much information on internet.

Please help me, thanks in advance.