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MX28 Secure Boot for Wince system

Question asked by gary lee on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Collin Shi

Hi freescale engineers,


I want to prepare MX28 secure boot for Wince system, I don't find any introduction for Wince.

Someone ever said it's the same as linux, I have tried follow those doc to make secure boot for wince.NOW I don't know how to prepare my "Program Image".

According to this website:Mx28 Secure Boot .Follow steps I have done:

1. HAB4 keys and certificates

2. HAB4 SRK tables and efuse Hash

3 Set OPT bits

OPT key

SRK table hash

bit_setting.txt  (This TXT file download from freescale wetsite:Mx28 Secure Boot )

4. Program image  (wince: xldr, eboot, nk)


Thanks all,

Best Regards,