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MQX 4.2.0: Where are the "Working Sets Definition"

Question asked by arnogir on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Radek Sestak



I used MQX 4.1.1 with KDS.

This is a long time that I installed MQX 4.1.

But to import MQX project in KDS I made following:

File / Import / Select MQX -> Import Working Sets


In the dialog Box, on "Select root directory" I select path:


In this path, there are build_libs.wsd.


Now in the MQX 4.2, I have only the "make repository, not "IAR, Cw, kds..."



Have I missed something when I installed MQX 4.2?

(On installation wizard, I selected following component:

- Kinetis -> TWR_K60N512 , TWR_K60F120M, TWR_K70F120M

- Documentation

- Cloning wizard

Should I tick other option?


Thank to help me