SAI for multi-channel PCM

Discussion created by MADEng on Apr 29, 2015
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We are trying to configure the I2S or now the SAI SDK driver on a 24F for 8 bit voice audio, with a bit clock of 2.048Mhz, a frame rate of 8kHz, and the ability to accept 32 channels (slots).


After trolling through countless app notes, I have come initialization code below.  However, I am not aware of a straight forward approach without using the the codec or example in the SAI demo.  Our application does not require high audio quality, dsp or fancy filtering .


In particular, for protocols beyond I2S, ie more channels than just 2, I am stuck on the configuration procedure.   


//Initialize config structure.

                sai_user_config_t  tx_config;

       = 0;                                       / *!< Which FIFO is used to transfer. */

                tx_config.slave_master = kSaiMaster;              /*!< Master (generates own clock) or slave (uses extern clk) .

                tx_config.sync_mode = kSaiModeSync;            /*!< Synchronous or asynchronous. */

                tx_config.protocol =       ??? - not I2S               /*!< I2S left, I2S right or I2S type. */

                tx_config.bclk_source = kSaiBclkSourceMclkDiv;

                tx_config.mclk_source = kSaiMclkSourceSysclk;                /*!< Master clock source. */

                tx_config.mclk_divide_enable = true;    /*!< Enable the divide of master clock to generate bit clock. */



//Format of audio data

       sai_data_format_t sai_tele_audio_config;

       sai_tele_audio_config.sample_rate = 8000U; /*!< Sample rate of the PCM file */

       sai_tele_audio_config.mclk = 256 * sai_tele_audio_config.sample_rate ; /*!< Master clock frequency */

       sai_tele_audio_config.bits = 8U; /*!< How many bits in a word */

       sai_tele_audio_config.mono_streo = kSaiStreo;//  ??? Is this just 0x1F for 32 channels/slots?   /*!< How many word in a frame */



Many thanks in advance for advice  on the above setup procedure.