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Flow control for twrk65f180m using MQX

Question asked by Vivek Srinivasan on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by soledad

Hi Guys,



I'm trying to use one of the UART's in twrk65f180m using MQX to communicate with the Bluetooth chip. For this I need hardware flow control .


But when I enable hardware flow control for the UART, I don't see any bytes coming out of the Tx line.


But when I disable flow control, I can see the bytes coming out of Tx line.


My question is :


1. Is harware flow control implemented for MQX. Because when I read other posts regarding Flow Control, many people say that it is not implemented or it is implemented only in polling. Is that true?


2. Is hardware flow control enabled for interrupt mode?


3. Is there any sample applications that use hardware flow control?


Your help is much appreciated.


Thank you.


Have a great day!