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MFS dir listing slow

Question asked by Adrian Rockall on Apr 27, 2015
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I have run the usbdisk_twrk64f120m example that is part of the KSDK 1.1. If I type dir in the shell, with a thumb drive that contains around 2000 files, it takes around 9 minutes to list the contents. If I rem out the line 'error_code = ioctl(dir_ptr->FS_PTR, IO_IOCTL_GET_LFN, (void *)&dir_ptr->LFN_DATA);' it only takes around 10 seconds. So getting the long file names is very inefficient in this case.

I have also created a project using the fatfs file system and emulated the dir process and that takes 12 seconds to list all the files with the LFN included.


I seem to remember a solution posted for MQX 4 and MFS where the search for the LFN started on the previous sector instead of the beginning each time but I can't find it now. Can anyone point me to that or recommend how it could be done with the new platform?