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How to know whether an OpenGL demo is accelerated by hardware or not ?

Question asked by spark zh on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by spark zh

My board is based on imx6q and the bsp is built from yocto (kernel version 3.10.17).

When I run OpenGL demos from fsl-gpu-sdk/GLES20_X11, some of them (e.g. 07_EnvironmentMapping) will output the following message: [     1] libGAL: Performing a software resolve! 

In fact, when 07_EvnironmentMapping is running, the cpu usage is about 2%, and that of Xorg is lower than 3%.

Does this message mean that the demo is rendered by software ? Could anyone tell me how to judge whether an OpenGL application is accelerated by GPU ?


Thanks very much in advance.