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Re: Re: Question about WM8962 without PMPF0100 PMIC.

Question asked by kim sang young on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by igorpadykov

Dear freescale members


Please tell us exactly when there is a code debugging proposed actions should not cause a problem i.mx6q audio below.

"wm8962 0-001a: Failed to get supply 'DCVDD'"


I fixed the code below.

What is wrong here?

// #define WM8962_NUM_SUPPLIES 8


#define WM8962_NUM_SUPPLIES sizeof (wm8962_supply_names) / sizeof (char *)


static const char * wm8962_supply_names [] = {


/ *

static const char * wm8962_supply_names [WM8962_NUM_SUPPLIES] = {












* /



I solved the problem. Still not found the root cause, I just gave it a workaround by bypassing checking those power supplies.


IMHO, the size of the power supply array could be refactored to:


-#define WM8962_NUM_SUPPLIES 8
 -static const char *wm8962_supply_names[WM8962_NUM_SUPPLIES] = { 
+static const char *wm8962_supply_names[] = { +#define WM8962_NUM_SUPPLIES sizeof(wm8962_supply_names)/sizeof(char *)