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Question asked by rahul krishna on Feb 6, 2015
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Very long time back i had an evaluation version of Codewarrior setup 5.0 setup for windows XP, now with current new PCs with windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit i am facing lot of issues installing it in these machines. Please tell me the latest version of the Codewarrior IDE for S12xeq512 which works for all windows and the path from where i can download?

Another problem i face very frequently is making the USB debugger work properly for different OS. Does the codewarrior installation take care of the functionality of the USB debuggers from different suppliers, that is does hiwave.exe takes care of correct functionality of USB debuggers, or i need to get the drivers from the supplier of the debugger. I am really confused about these things and afraid of installing the and making the codewarrior setup work for new PCs with different configurations. Pleas help me.


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