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Is it possible to force code into a non-standard section?

Question asked by Bruno Paillard on Dec 22, 2014
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Is it possible to use Processor Expert AND be able to force a few functions into a special memory area? I am facing the two following problems:


1)     I can create a new memory area using the "generate linker file" option of processor expert. I can also define the selected code to go into a special section using the "section" attribute, but I cannot find a way to allocate that section into the specified memory area while at the same time keeping the basic linker file created by Processor Expert. Is it possible to either add a special linker file to deal with just that code, or to modify the Processor Expert linker file in a way that won't be obliterated every time I regenerate the PE code?

2)     If the specified functions are not explicitly called by any module, they are not linked in to the executable, even if I use the "used" attribute. I would like to keep the "remove unused sections" option of the linker, but disable it just for these few functions. Is that possible?