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Supported i.MX6 SoCs and revisions by Freescale

Question asked by Vladimir Zapolskiy on Nov 11, 2014
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please excuse me if I ask a trivial question, unfortunately I haven't managed to find the direct answer myself.


I would like to know which iMX6 SoC variants (Quad, DualLite, Dual, Solo, SoloLite) and their revisions are supported in the latest public Freescale Linux kernels (git:// branches imx_3.10.31_1.1.0_beta and/or imx_3.10.31_1.1.0_beta2).


From arch/arm/mach-imx code I see there are a number of quirks:

* cpu idle for iMX6 Quad rev1.0 and rev1.1, iMX6 DualLite/Solo rev1.0,

* GPT clock source for iMX6 Quad rev1.0 and iMX6 DualLite/Solo,

* Audio/video PLL post dividers for iMX6 Quad rev1.0.


However previous kernels published by Freescale contained more quirks for iMX6 Quad and DualLite/Solo rev1.0 and rev1.1 at least in the following components:

* USB Host PHY



The latter SoC revision quirks are not present anymore, but it is known that they are important to have properly working correspondent devices on boards powered by old iMX6 Quad and DualLite/Solo SoC revisions.


Do you have plans to add USB PHY and SDHC quirks/exceptions to support old SoC revisions? If not, could you please enumerate all completely supported iMX6 SoCs and revisions in the latest published Linux kernels?


Thank you in advance.


With best wishes,