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TWR-K70F120M - use of Nandflash MT29F2G16

Question asked by arnogir on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by Phil Dermott



I'm using the TWR-K70F120M which implement a Nandflash connected through the NFC port (Not FlexBus it seems to me)


My application can made more than 1Mbytes (because use some big picture to display on a TFT LCD)


Then what is the best way to extend the internal flash by using the external nandflash?


The ideal way for me would be that this is totally transparent. With the code relocation (#pragma define_section) and the linker file, I can place data (image) and / or the code at 0x6000 0000 or in internal flash (from 0x0000000).

Then I have a map file with some code/data from 0x0000 0000 and other from 0x6000 0000.

but after, how do to have the code execute it normally independently of used flash?


- And how progam the .afx (.bin, or.hex...) which contains data at 0x0000 0000 and 0x6000 0000 with the via the USB JTAG included in the tower and CW (v10.3)

- And then is Debug is possible?