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Is there a Kinetis Development board with a CAN Controller on it?

Question asked by Roger Pease on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by Roger Pease

I'm trying to qual out some CAN software for a project we're doing with a K10 device..... Was looking at using one of the K20 dev boards.


FRDM-K22F - contains a MK22FN512VLH12  which according to  doesn't list a CAN Controller.


FRDM-KL26Z - contains a MKL26Z128VLH4 which does have a CAN (per


FRDM-K64F-  contains a mk64fn1m0vll12  which does not have a CAN.


I can't find a tower one that has it either........


Suggestions appreciated.....