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Censored Device - Password Known

Question asked by Victor Medina on Oct 30, 2014
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It seems that I have successfully censored my device by changing the censorship control word, as I am no longer able to connect during internal boot via the Nexus Port. I am using pemicro's ICDPPCNEXUS as my debugger with a MPC5566. Within the debugger there is an option to enter in the Censorship password on a reset. My question is, can i enter my password in here to uncensor the device and is there a specific way the password must be entered (i.e. password = FEEDFACECAFEBEEF must be entered as = CAFEBEEFFEEDFACE), or can i not use this method to uncensor my device. Each time i attempt to uncensor my device, I am prompted with "Debugger retrying force to background mode. Can not enter background mode."