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i.MX6 SSI TX FIFO stuck

Question asked by Philippe Leduc on Oct 30, 2014
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I am trying to play sound with a baremetal application. The board is using the max98355a codec. I have connected AUDMUX port 2 to port 3, and configures the SSI2 to I2S master mode. However, the TX FIFO never empties (I wrote 15 samples and waits indefinitely that the FIFO drops samples...). I don't know what's going wrong (since it freeze) and how to debug that...


Here is a dump of the SSI register (before writing to the FIFO):

SCR    : 0x00000237

SISR   : 0x00001001

SIER   : 0x00003003

STCR   : 0x000002e9

SRCR   : 0x00000280

STCCR  : 0x0000e11e

SRCCR  : 0x00040000

SFCSR  : 0x00440044

SACNT  : 0x00000000

SACADD : 0x00000000

SACDAT : 0x00000000

SATAG  : 0x00000000

STMSK  : 0x00000000

SRMSK  : 0x00000000

SACCST : 0x00000000


Here is a dump of the AUDMUX registers:

PTCR1: 0xad400800

PDCR1: 0xa000

PTCR2: 0x800

PDCR2: 0x4000

PTCR3: 0x8c400800

PDCR3: 0x2000

PTCR4: 0x800

PDCR4: 0x4000

PTCR5: 0x800

PDCR5: 0x2000

PTCR6: 0x800

PDCR6: 0x0

PTCR7: 0x800

PDCR7: 0xc000


Here is a dump of the CCM registers:

CCR:     40110ff

CCDR:    0

CSR:     38

CCSR:    100

CACRR:   0

CBCDR:   189c0

CBCMR:   b51224

CSCMR1:  f00000

CSCMR2:  2b92f06

CSCDR1:  490b00

CS1CDR:  ec102c1

CS2CDR:  7312c1

CDCDR:   33e77f92

CHSCCDR:         12090

CSCDR2:  29090

CSCDR3:  14e41


CLPCR:   79

CISR:    45a0000

CIMR:    ffffffff

CCOSR:   10e017f

CGPR:    fe62

CCGR0:   ffffffff

CCGR1:   ffffffff

CCGR2:   ffffffff

CCGR3:   ffffffff

CCGR4:   ffffffff

CCGR5:   ffffffff

CCGR6:   ffffffff

CMEOR:   7fffffff


Thank you in advance !