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Setting pipeline to NULL hungs up

Question asked by bl z on Oct 29, 2014
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We have programmatically constructed pipeline to play IP camera live video, using rtspsrc, rtph264depay, vpudec and mfw_isink. It works fine with normal usage. But during stress test, when we frequently shut down and restart the pipeline, we got following error message and sometimes even hungs up:

                    GLib-CRITICAL **: g_thread_join: assertion `thread' failed

It seems happenning when we first start the pipeline by setting it to PLAYING state, and then very quickly shut it off by setting it to NULL, before the pipeline actually goes to PLAYING state.

We have already waited a few seconds for pipeline to be stable, but sometimes the network is not good, it tooks very long time to set up the connection to camera and the pipeline keeps in READY state.


This discussion seems very similar issue but not solved: