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How to keep USB alive while entering bootloader?

Question asked by Georg Schmidt on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Juanma Bailen



I'm working on a USB-Bootloader for my Kinetis K60 project.

I have to seperate projects (bootloader and application) stored in different Flash-sections.

Currently I'm able to jump from application to bootloader and back.


The problem is, that I loose the USB-connection (running on USB0-module) after jumping from one section to the other.

If I do a complete reinitialisation of the USB, the USB disconnects and reconnects imediately after the jump.

But I don't want the PC to recognize the jump, so I have to recover some settings of the USB-module.


But which?

I tried to recover the BDT-Table contents, but this seems not to be enough. Do I need to recover the Endpoint-Buffers also?

Has anyone done something like this without using a RTOS or Processor Expert?