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FXTH8700 service pack

Question asked by riccardo cescato on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Minko Daskalov


I need to install the FXTH8700 service pack for CodeWarrior 10.5.


When I install the downloaded pack following the guide an error occurs:

"Missing requirement: MCU v10.5 S08 Service Pack for HCS08 FXTH870000 1.0.3 ( 1.0.3) requires ' [1.0.0,20.0.0.RT5]' but it could not be found"


What does it means?

I can't find this packet and also I saw there are two updates in the site:

FXTH87 Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Family|Freescale

but the second one is not available!


I think I need this patch but I can't download it.

Can someone help me?