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Question asked by renaud barbier on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by marc harbonne

The P1010RDB makes use of SGMII interface on eTSEC2 and eTSEC3.

What determine the use of register 4  (and also 5)as being the 1000BASE-X ANA or as ANA_SGMII?

In U-Boot the value 1a0 is written to register 4 which to seem to  be for the 1000BASE-X ANA, though the interface is SGMII.

So why is it not the value 0x4001 as described in AN3869?





Note: We currently have our design using a P1014 and BCM54616 in SGMII mode. At present I cannot get a link to work between the TBI PHY and external PHY.