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Where is _set_clock???? defined?

Question asked by Rick Meyer on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Rick Meyer


   I'm working with the TWR_K60F120M card, and trying to use AN4520 and AN4800 to talk to an I2S device.

Porting most of the code has been pretty straight forward but I'm running into an issue.

Both "_set_clock_112896();" and "_set_clock_122800();" are defined in the function _12s_set_rate(int).

The appnotes do not show the implementation and I am not having any luck locating it in other examples for the tower systems.

I have looked on the Kinetis Header files from the site as well as in the Kinetis_120 bear metal example files.

I did verify that teh "use CMSIS" box is checked in the setup for the project.


Any help would be appreciated.