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I would like some help on implementing some of the workarounds from AN3532 in Linux, with a secondary goal of getting these into the main Linux project

Question asked by Tony van der Peet on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2014 by alexander.yakovlev

My company's products using PowerQUICC run on two different operating systems. The original code includes a number of the workarounds in AN3532 concerning Instruction Cache Parity Errors and others.


Our newer OS is based on Linux, and while I see that the kernel does include a few workarounds, these do not apply to the code for processors that we are running, and the code in the Linux kernel looks slightly different to what I would expect given the app note.


Specific questions:

  • Does the code introduced into Linux in 2010 directly relate to the application note AN3532?
    • (my own answer) Algorithm in the application note just invalidates one cache line, the Linux code flushes the entire instruction cache. The app note algorithm also covers another case - not sure if this is required if the whole cache is flushed?
  • Can we run this exact same code for the e500 case (the code in Linux is for e500mc)?
    • (my own answer) There seem to be slight differences in the way the flush case bit works for e500 and e500mc, so the code would have to be changed slightly.
  • Are there more up to date app notes relating to these issues?
    • (my own answer) Couldn't find any in the archives.
  • Are there existing patches that address these issues?
  • Is Freescale interested in getting some of these workarounds into the main Linux project?


The Linux change to which I refer is: powerpc/e500mc: Implement machine check handler. · fe04b11 · torvalds/linux · GitHub