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relationship/comparison ZigBee vs 802.15.4

Question asked by Alan Led Collins Rivera Employee on Sep 5, 2014

The MAC stack is complaint with IEEE 802.15.4 Standard, which is not a ZigBee only Standard. This standard specifies the physical layer and medium access control for low-rate wireless personal area networks such as ZigBee and RF4CE.

BeeStack is complaint with the ZigBee Alliance specification. ZigBee uses IEEE 802.15.4 as lower layers, but offering a complete networking solution by adding upper layers, such as Network/security layers and application framework.


Then BeeStack is based on MAC stack but with extra features. The main difference is that MAC may only implement coordinator and end devices, while BeeStack can add router devices as well, offering a whole new horizon on network configurations.



Here are some features and characteristics for both stacks:


IEEE802.15.4 MAC




            IEEE standard

            Proprietary Networks

            20-32k size

Is not

            Application Interoperable


            Mesh Network



BeeStack ZigBee protocol Stack


            Standard Based

            Application Interoperable

            Mesh network

            Small to large networks

            70-100k size

Is not




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