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[Help]i.MX6 Question about graphics architecture for weson/wayland

Question asked by andy yang on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by andy yang

I want to run 3D application which is developed by EGL/OpenGLES through weston-launch, it failed because the graphics driver is not right.


I have some questions for help.


1.Is DRM  must for weston(compositor),how to setup DRM?


2.Does GPU kernel drvier consist of kernel/driver/gpu/Vivante(Vivante.ko??) and of kernel/driver/gpu/drm/Vivante(DRM_Vivante.ko)?


3.Does user side drvier consist of EGL/OpenGLES? architecture is Application⇒EGL/OpenGLES/⇒libDRM⇒DRM_Vivante.ko⇒Vivante.ko⇒VIV-GPU?



[error info]

root:~> weston-simple-egl

[     1] HAL user version 4.6.9 build 6622 Aug 16 2013 11:28:30

[     2] HAL kernel version 4.6.9 build 1210

Segmentation fault (core dumped)







[ref article]

Building Wayland-Weston for i.MX6


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