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Dealing with uA,PORTC5,when forced low draws less current than floating,why?

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by Diego Colombo

Hi,please i nedd help


having to do with a battery i need to have my  KL15  uC  waiting in VLLS3 mode.

I can measure the current drawn by my board by a switched array of shunt resistors,@1 ohm on my DMM the tenth of uA are stable and readable.

PORTC_5 is used for wake up by a piezoelectric sensor,and it does work.

The odd thing is that when PTC5 is floating, i have 50uA consumption more than PTC5 kept low ,

Why?PTC5 is configured as GPIO by mux in PORTC_PCR5, and as input in GPIOC_PDDR.

Even hitting the piezo sensor,and so giving some transitions to PORTC5 has the same effect,and it happens even if the pin is not enabled for wake up(otherwise the measurement could not be done in this way).

any hint?

Many thanks