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Question asked by Jorge d'Avila on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Michel Hebert

I intend to use the Kinetis FlexNVM/FlexRAM as EEPROM, but reading the documentation raised a question:
The Freescale text says, textually: "Writes to the EEE space launch a EEE operation to store the data within the E-flash memory".

Ok, fine. I write to the FlexRAM, the hardware automatically launches the store algorithms, chooses the appropriate area in Flash, and stores it. Great! But...

If I need to change a larger area - say, 4 32-bit word in sequence - Do I need to write each one, wait for the hardware to finish the store process and them write the next one? It doesn't seem practical, especially because this would mean writing 3 un-needed intermediate records to flash.

Some external flash memories work like that, but they use a "time out" - that is, you write several data, and after you stop for some time (usually some micro seconds) they launch the recording process.

Did I miss anything in the documentation?


Thanks for any light shed on this!