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Problem with the KBI of the MPXY8300 TPMS kit

Question asked by riccardo cescato on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by iansmusical



I have a problem with the generation of a KBI on the TX module of the mpxy8300 kit.

The TPMS has a microprocessor of the HCS08 family.



I followed the instructions in the kit manual writing this code:




   PTADD=0x00;    //configure pins as input

   KBISC=0x00;    //KBI disable

   KBIES=0x00;    //select falling edge/low level

   PTAPE=0x2C;    //configure pullup(1)/pulldown(0)

   KBIPE=0x2C;    //enable PTA2-3-5 as KBI

   KBISC=0x04;    //clear KBF

   KBISC=0x02;    //enable KBI and set edges-only detection mode


for(;;);     //infinite loop to test the KBI



the interrupt function associated to the KBI is:


void interrupt USER_15_INTERRUPT(void)


    KBISC_KBACK=1;  // clear ACK

   //then  I put a function that send something to the RX module



In this way I see that the PTA pins are connected correctly to ground using an internal pulldown resistance as described in the datasheet.

My problem is that when I connect the PTA pin to ground using a wire, KBI is not called and the module doesn't send anything.


Has anyone the same problem??


thank you!