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GPIO HI-Impedance configuration and pullup/pulldown in MK20DX series ?

Question asked by Michele Canepa on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by EARL GOODRICH

Dear Sirs,

I have few questions:


  1. Does anyone knows if there's the possibility to configure the GPIO pins on K20 Sub-family microcontrollers MK20DX64VLH7, MK20DX128VLH7, MK20DX256VLH7 to put them in HI-Z status?
  2. The GPIO's do have a pullup or a pulldown? In what GPIO conditions?
  3. Are there different strengths for the GPIOs current capability? Are the strengths configurable, or there are differences from pin to pin?
  4. In reset condition, or start-up condition, what is the GPIO status, in term of direction, pullup configuration, output status?


I could not find that information on the documents I've read, that are:



Rev. 3, 11/2012



Rev. 1.1, Dec 2012


Do I need any other document?


Thank you everybody.


Best regards,


Michele Canepa, Electrical Engineer.