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TBLCF, mcf5208 and dBUG

Discussion created by Valery Pimenov on Aug 29, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2007 by Valery Pimenov
I have a custom board on MCF5208 microcontroller. It has BDM port, so I have asseblied TBLCF cable for it (thanks Daniel Malik), and made a program to control it - unfortunately, TBLCF dynamic link library on Windows failed to work, so I ported it to Linux, fixed some errors and now it works.

Now I'm able to read and write internal SRAM, registers. But I have no idea how to load a dBUG (or other similar bootloader) into target board. Does anybody knows what should I do to write dBUG binary into flash or RAM (on my board there is SDRAM 4 mbytes module)? Or may be there some other way to load image?

Can somebody recommend some other bootloaders?

Thanks in advance!