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Problem installing Linux drivers for USB-ML-CFE

Discussion created by aLUNZ Scott on Aug 29, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2009 by aLUNZ Scott

Is anyone else trying to use the P&E micro USB-ML-CFE on a Linux host?  Previously we have successfully installed (and used) the USB drivers, but we are now trying to install the P&E drivers onto a FC6 box with a recently upgraded kernel.  The details are:
Linux distro: Fedora Core 6
kernel version: 2.6.20-1.2962.fc6
p&e drivers: pe_driver_ver_323_2_811 and pe_driver_ver_324_811 (we tried both).

When installing the script fails, with the build reporting "incompatible types in assignment" in linux_wrappers.c:544. 

We have submitted a support request to P&E over a month ago but have yet to hear a reply.  Poking around inside linux_wrappers.c it looks like there is a non-trivial incompatibility problem introduced in version 2.6.20 of the Linux kernel.

So far it looks we have to avoid recent versions of the Linux kernel until P&E release a patch or I win the lottery and no longer have to work (whichever comes first - at this rate the lottery is looking most likely).

Anyone else having this problem?