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Problem with FlexCAN sample program from "Ver 1.0 of Code Examples" MPC5668G

Question asked by Pierre SCHMIDT on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by Petr Stancik



I am experiencing problems with the FlexCAN sample program found in the "Ver 1.0 of Code Examples" package (AN4241). This program transmits a singleCAN frame through CANA, the frame is received through CANC. I have a CAN probe connected to SUBD D9 (FlexCAN A) to monitor outgoing frames directly on the CAN bus. For, let's say 25% of the transmitted frames I see errors in the data stream : instead of receiving "Hello" I see unexpected data under the Code Warrior NEXXUS DEBUG, by looking at the RxDATA array, but also on the CAN monitoring software (same erroneous data), which means the problem is in the transmission not the reception. The problem seems to happen randomly, sometimes after the fourth transmission, sometimes even on the first frame. The problem appears also in the CAN ID field. Sometiimes unexpected ID are transmitted.


What could be wrong with the sample code? Does someone experience similar problem with the FlexCAN module?


Thanks a lot.