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Re: Re: No Restart in Project after Reset button on board TWRK60N512

Discussion created by Perla Andrea Moncada Fajardo Employee on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2014 by Abdullah Ansari
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After some research and with help from my friend Jorge_Gonzalez, we found  that in this project your librarian has been configured as hosted, it means that your project is enable to send information by debugger to console and once you close your debugger session you disconnect this communication and this cause the error.

In order to solve the issue you should change your librarian configurations, in C/C++ view please go to Project> Properties and you will see a new window, in the left pane select C/C++ Build> Settings, now in the Tool Settings tag select Librarian in model just select ewl_c++_noio this will disable the option to send information by debugger session.

After this change I test the project and it worked fine after using reset button on the board

Librarian config.jpg

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