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FRDM KL25Z DAC Overshooting

Question asked by Nicola Lacalendola on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by RANDY LEE

Hey guys,


I was testing the DAC on my KL25Z earlier today and found something that's not supposed to be there:


What you are seeing there is me cranking up the amplitude of the DAC (0 to 1000, increasing 100 a step, then back down to 0 again, decreasing by 100 each step).


The DAC is 12 bits.

This is causing me problems because it eventually causes something like this:


You can clearly see those spikes ruining my sine wave!


(This is the spikes zoomed in)


I am following this tutorial to make the sine wave in case someone is wondering; you can find the code there as well:


I'm open to all ideas and suggestions guys.