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Unable to download Code on MPC555

Question asked by hana Ahmad AL-Theiabat on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2017 by Yeqin Wang

Hii all,

I have problem to download Code onto the MPC555 either on

RAM or Flash using CodeWarrior.

CodeWarrior version 8.7 and my PC is XP 2002 SP3.



when trying to download the Hello project on RAM I got this

error. >> *pic (ram_error)*.


Inline image 1


and when trying to set the Flash setting, then need to erase step(from

manual), I couldn't get connect to MPC555 and I have error but without

description; as in the *pic (flash_error)*.

Inline image 2


Also when trying to download Code onto MPC555 using MATLAB via Serial

ports, I have this error; *pic (com_error)*.


Inline image 1


Note here that I have used the serial ports and got successful downloading

before many times, BUT suddenly it isn't able to download and always give

the Com error, although I haven't change any thing to the

port,configurations and jumper setting.

Don't know why!



Please, any help toward this urgent problem?