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Error in bringing up Parallel NOR Flash using Sabre AI Wiemnor Uboot

Question asked by nishad kamdar on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2015 by Roopesh K P

Hello all,


I have designed a custom IMX6q board which resembles the SabreAI.


I was able to port U-Boot on my processor via the WiemNor (Parallel NOR Flash).


I have attached the Snapshot.


As you can see uboot has been able to bring up the DDR and Uart.


However, i have loaded the kernel in Parallel Nor flash.


As you can see, the Uboot has not been able to bring the NOR Flash up.


Which is why it is not able to pick the Kernel up from the default base 0x8080000 to 0x10800000.


My parallel NOR flash is Spansion S29GL01GP.

I am running it in 16 bit mode.


I have connected the data lines to the Lower data bits of the EIM data bus in contrast to the SABRE AI board where the NOR flash is connected to the Higher order data bus.


I have modified the IOMUX in mx6_sabreauto.c (I am Using the Sabre AI Weimnor Uboot).


Kindly suggest the additional modifications to be done to bring the NOR Up.