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I.mx6 in PoP package, availability?

Question asked by richard jones on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by jamesbone

I'm rather stuck for PCB area on a project comming my way shortly, the common 21x21mm bga may just squeeze on as the board is likely to be ~30mm wide, but it's going to be very tight and will up my layer count.


Does anyone know where we could get low volumes of the I.mx6 dual or quad in the 12x12mm PoP package, say 10-off for prototypes then 100's for small producton runs?


By the look of it the PoP restricts us to lpddr, is this a big penalty given the decent caches in there, I'm h264 compressing 1080p24 or p30.


Thanks in avdance,