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i.MX51 Linux USB

Question asked by Erik Ahlén on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by Dave Ebright



I have a custom i.MX51 board heavily based on the babbage board. I'm trying to get USB to work on it without success. I'm using Linux kernel 3.11 and Device Tree (I have an old system running on the board with kernel 2.6.31). The first problem was that the "compatible" value for usbmisc was "fsl,imx51-usbmisc" which doesn't even have a mapping. If I've understood it correctly I should be able to use "fsl,imx53-usbmisc" here if I'm not disabling over current detection? I've also made a patch for imx51-usbmisc which I plan on submitting if I can get it tested. But this makes me suspect that USB has never been tested on i.MX51? The funny thing is that I actually got it working once when debugging the kernel over JTAG and had a breakpoint set in ci_hdrc_imx_probe, but haven't been able to reproduce.


Any ideas are much appreciated!