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How to start sampling at the both ADC's in MK20DN512VLK10 by PDB, and to sample back to back 4 channels in the both ADC's with use MQX?

Question asked by Konstantin Kiryanov on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Mikhail Burakov

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I use the CW 10.4 and MQX 4.0.1. In MQX ADC driver sources (pdb, file adc_kadc.c ), the conversion complete interrupt is not available by use proposed (ioctl) interface. I need to use both ADC’s, and to use in each ADC four channels. I need to start sampling in the both ADC at the same time by PDB-trigger, and then, to sample back to back all channels at the both ADC’s. Option “back-to-back” is not available in the MQX by use proposed (ioctl) interface. How can I solve it problem with use MQX?