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Why does iomux generate .h files that fail to compile?  Missing #define for USDHC2_CARD_CLK in regsiomux.h

Question asked by Tyler Sheffield on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Tyler Sheffield

.../rev_a_iomux/usdhc2_iomux_config.c: In function 'usdhc2_iomux_config' ...

error: implicit declaration of 'HW_IOMUX_USDHC2_CARD_CLK_IN_SELECT_INPUT_WR'


This appears to result from a #define missing in the .../sdk/include/mx6sdl/registers/regsiomuxc.h file


Same problem for usdhc3 - anybody know what the problem with the IOMux tool is?  I have no conflicts in the tool.


usdhc1 is left unconnected, so nothing to help there. Strangely, usdhc4 IS connected in similar fashion but there are no complaints about that one.  It is also missing the USDHC4_CARD_CLK #define in regsiomux.h so no clue why that is also not listed as an error.


In short, why isn't the IOMux tool putting all the needed #defines into regsiomux.h?