Domenico Ferrari

MCF52235EVB  problem with Flash Programmer

Discussion created by Domenico Ferrari on Jul 31, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2007 by Bryan Kattwinkel
I have a problem with the Flash programmer of CW, when I try to write the internal flash an error happen (below here there is the log information), if I use a third part CFFLasher all work correctly, have someone an idea of this problem??
In the flash programmer I load the CFM_MCF52235.xlm setting.
Thanks in advance.
=== Execute: Program
=== Timestamp:  Tue Jul 31 17:15:57 2007
=== Flash Device:         CFM_MCF52235
=== Flash Organization:   8Kx32x1
=== Flash Mem Start Addr: 0x00000000
=== Flash Mem End Addr:   0x0003FFFF
Using Algorithm: CFM_MCFCOMMON.elf
Loading Flash Device Driver at: 0x20000000
Flash Driver Buffer is at:      0x20001FB0
Flash Driver Buffer Size is:    0x00006050
Initialization Command Succeeded
System clock:  25000KHz
Programming file C:\Test Motorola\52235EVB\52235EVB\bin\M52235EVB_INTERNAL_FLASH.elf
Trying auto-detect...
  File is NOT of type Motorola S-Record Format.
Auto-detection is successful.
  File is of type Elf Format.
Programming 0x00000418 bytes of Target Memory at 0x00000000
Flash Programmer:  Flash driver reports the following error(s):  Chip reported error during program
Timestamp:  Tue Jul 31 17:16:04 2007