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Support BT1120 progressive mode in Mx6Q

Discussion created by Shaojun Wang Employee on Oct 18, 2013
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The HDMI receiver verified with Mx6Q is SiI9135.


Hardware connection

According "Camera Input Signal Cross Reference, Format, and Bits Per Cycle" in Mx6Q Datasheet, the pin mapping is CSIx_DAT2 ~ CSIx_DAT9 <----> C[0] ~ C[7], CSIx_DAT12 ~ CSIx_DAT19 <----> Y[0] ~ Y[7].

In "YC 4:2:2 Formats with Embedded Syncs" of SiI9135 datasheet, the pin mapping is Q16 ~ Q23 <----> Y0 ~ Y7,  Q28 ~ Q35 <----> Cb0 ~ Cb7.

So Q28 ~ Q35 of SiI9135 should be connected to CSIx_DAT2 ~ CSIx_DAT9 of Mx6Q, Q16 ~ Q22 are connected to CSIx_DAT12 ~ CSIx_DAT19 of Mx6Q.


Kernel Patch

sii9135.patch is the kernel patch to support BT1120 progressive mode.

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