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Looking for Processor Expert version 2.95 for Freescale HCS12 Family

Question asked by Andy McNeil on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by Pascal Irrle

I just joined a new company that uses the HCS12 and CW12 v3.1. I am trying to set it up on another workstation and the first installation has Processor Expert version 2.95 for Freescale HCS12 family. When I installed CW12 v3.1, I then downloaded and installed the 2 service packs for Processor Expert from the updates webpage for CW12 Updates for CodeWarrior for HCS12 v3.1 and earlier That resulted in upgrading PE to version 2.94.01 but I can't find any update that upgrades it to version 2.95. Also, the new installation has CW Plug-In IDE version 3.49 L2 whereas the first has CW Plug-In IDE version 3.62 L2. Currently I am having build errors because of this. I tried to use the help menu but it does not check over the web. Can someone point out to me where I can find the upgrades for these?


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