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CodeWarrior 10.3 with MPC5643L

Question asked by DC08 on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2013 by DC08

Hey Guys,


I'm new to CodeWarrior and the Power PC Architecture and I'm trying to get a simple example running on the MPC5643L using CodeWarrior 10.3. I'm using the PXC56XL 144LQFP Mini-Module along with the EVB Motherboard that goes along with it. Does anyone have an example project they can send me that is running at least the LEDs on the Motherboard? I haven't been able to find any working project. I was able to find one project, but when I compile it, I get the following error:

mingw32-make: *** Error 1

Does anyone know how to get rid of this? Thank you.