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Trying to install driver 4.10 under linux (SuSE 12.2)

Question asked by Nigel Johnson on Aug 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2013 by pgo

I have been using the TBDML for years now, as have hundreds of my students using windows boxes.  Now I want to use it on my linux system that I use to develope in gcc.


Does anybody know how I can install the linux driver without using the graphical interface installer?  I have tried every which way to Sunday.


I have tried root and my user account both in non-graphic command line, super-user term and xterm with sudo, and always get:  


(zenity:17516) Gtk-warning""": cannot open display.


or variations thereof.


I can't understand why I need to use  a graphical interface to load a driver.


any help much appreciated