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Problem in building BSP with PE components

Question asked by aroste on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by danieldelatorre



I have a TWR-K60F120M, CW10.4 and MQX 4.0.1, all the latest version.


I did a custom BSP (clone) to change some hardware settings, not so much now, and it worked fine. I use some timers, TCP socket connection.


Now I want to use PE to generate code for some TimerUnit solutitions to generate on FTM output some PPS and 10Khz signal.


I generate PE code, and when I want to compile the BSP libs it gives an error on the PE Cpu.c file.  Error is "mingw32-make: *** [Generated_Code/Cpu_c.obj] Error 1".


No more details, so no idea from where it comes.


Any idea?


Thanks and best regards