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Problem of downloading Images Using MFGTool (IMX6Q SabreSD)

Question asked by siuho on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2013 by Yuri Muhin



I am trying to download an ubuntu image to the IMX6Q SabreSD platform by using the MFGTool.


I have done all the setting on the MFGTool, Terminal of Terminal emulator program and also create the own rootfs image already.


And I have put files below into "Mfgtools-Rel-4.0.0_130424_MX6Q_UPDATER\Profiles\MX6Q Linux Update\OS Firmware\files":


1) oneiric.tgz

2) rootfs.tar.bz2

3) u-boot-mx6q-sabresd.bin

4) uImage


I have ensure the device switch is set to boot from serial download.


During the downloading process, there is a pop up windows says the sd card (F:/) needs to be format.

I have noticed there is a note from the Linux user guide says if the tool reports a error message when it is downloading the file system in an SDcard, that can be caused by insufficient space in the SD card due to a small partition size.


And to fix it, modify the "Profiles\MX6Q Linux Update\OS Firmware\" and then modify the script to increase the size of the partition and create more partitions according to your file system requirements."


I would like to ask how should I change the script or is there any clue for me to do the partition for the SD please?


Many thanks!