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Configuring FlexNVM for MK10DX128VMD10 ?

Question asked by graham martin on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by graham martin

Does anyone know how to configure the FlexNVM for the MK10DX128VMD10? In particular what are the partition codes to set the split between EEPROM and Data Flash sizes? The K10 Sub-Family Reference Manual document gives information on the DEPART values in section FlexNVM Partition Code, but the numbers seem to be for the 256 series devices (ie. D-flash up to 256K). I have also looked at the C90TFS flash driver source code, this also does not seem to have any configuration that fits the MK10DX128VMD10, the nearest is the _FTFx_KX_256K_256K_4K_2K_2K_H_ configuration ie. 256K P-flash, 256K D-flash, 4K FlexRAM. I think that the MK10DX128VMD10 should use a _FTFx_KX_128K_128K_4K_2K_2K_H_ configuration, but this does not exist in the code available on the Freescale site.

If possible I would like to split the flash to get 64K of flash available for general data storage, and the full 4K of FlexRAM used as EEPROM.