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9S12DP512 - flash memory damage

Discussion created by Mohamed Othman on Jul 17, 2007
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I was testing and working on my board with (HCS12 DP512 MCU) and an accidental shortcut happened.

The board's parts seem to work without any problem. However, the program stopped at a certain point.

I run the Debug tools to see what's the problem, and it turns out that all the code in the first Fixed page are not executed.

Trying to flash the MCU again, it stops flashing and gives me error message that an address in the first fixed page couldn't be flashed.

questions are:

if a shortcut happens and the MCU is damaged, how could it still communicate with the debugging tools and execute part of the code? (is that possible?)


is it possible that a part of the flash memory is damaged?

and how do I verify that?

thank you and appreciate any help. 



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