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[i.MX6] Vivante: How-to readback PixmapSurface in EGL-FB?

Question asked by Kang Wen Chen on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Andre Silva
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Hi, GPU team:


     We're programming the PixmapSurface rendering in EGL FB, we've gotten the *Pixmap from eglCopyBuffers(), but we don't know how to extract the data buffer from it? (structure 'EGLNativePixmapType': identified as 'HBITMAP' type on WinCE so easy to be rendered in Win32 AP, but on Linux/FB an unknown '_FBPixmap' type is)


     we've checked the DOC "iMX6.2D.API _4.6.9p8.pdf" & some test codes from Vivante, but no help for it.

     is it possible to get how to access the Pixmap from eglCopyBuffers()? or is there other way we need to follow for the achievement?