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How to support more RAM on i.MX28EVK?

Question asked by Jim Tremblay on Jun 19, 2013
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     I'm relatively new in embedded Linux and i.MX processors. I have a i.MX28EVK that run the latest Linux BSP from Freescale website and I need to ensure the processor will have enough power to run everything we want. For the tests, the 128MB on the board is not enough. We have replace the chip for a 256MB. I have reboot the board with my latest SD card to ensure the RAM is properly changed and it runs fine. Now, I want to be able to access the whole 256MB from Linux. I have get u-boot source from Linux BSP and recompile it with PHYS_SDRAM_1_SIZE changed from 0x08000000 to 0x10000000 to support the whole 256MB. I have copied generated u-boot.bin to ltib/rootfs/boot/u-boot.bin and rerun the script mk_mx28_sd, but I only see 128MB in Linux when I boot from this card. I don't have access to the whole 256MB.


Then, I want to know if its possible with the EVK to do that? If yes, what I need to do to enable it?


Thanks in advance




PS: I'm using latest LTIB with Ubuntu 9.04 VM.