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WinEC7 - full LAN (FEC) driver disrupts SDHC driver operation if started after SDHC driver

Question asked by AlexeyT on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by Qiang Li - Mpu Se

Hello All,


I think found another issue with SDHC driver in WinEC7 BSP.

It looks like SDHC driver conflicts with FEC (LAN) driver.

The situation is as follow:

- if SDHC driver starts after FEC driver everything seems to be ok

- if FEC driver starts after SDHC it kills SDHC driver.


It was found during my attempt to register FEC driver on the fly using NDIS register IOCTL.

CE image starts without FEC driver being registered/active.

After FEC registration any subsequent SDHC access attempt fails.


Most likely this problem causes issues with persistent registry on SD card.

I tried implementing it but SDHC stops working after the registry is read from card and used.

Funny thing but persistent registry worked ok when CE was being debugged over LAN by using platform builder

but completely failed when debugger is not used.

I think it happens because when PB uses LAN to debug CE kernel so it effectively bans normal LAN driver and uses

KITL version of it instead.


So I added 2 and 2 and my conclusion is:

Full LAN (FEC) driver disrupts SDHC driver operation if started after SDHC driver.


Has someone seen this issue?

It would be great to hear something from support team as well.


Best regards,



PS I will post my finding/fixes if I manage to fix it.